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The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Auto-ID Product Line

NEU - NEW Ultra Long Range - Active Tag 0.3m - 500m

The RC Controllers and TM Active Tag Series from smtag, is a product family based on an intelligent ISM wireless UHF controller and transmitters in the license free 868MHz and 916MHz band. It is ideal for high volume two-way wireless applications, for remote control systems, security and alarm systems, industrial applications such as telemetry, sensor data logging, personal data logging, barcode readers and automatic meter reading. These products provide highly accurate, real time data collection without human intervention in wireless application fields that include:

- Logistic, Security

- Tracking and Tracing

- Monitoring of Assets

- Temperature Control

- Vibration and Shock Control

- and many other applications

- also available with GPS, GSM and other features


Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) technologies are automatic identification procedures, which have in recent years become especially commonplace in the areas of logistics, trade, ticketing, production, transport, traffic, passenger flow, access control, time recording, security and the service sector. The job of RFID applications is to make information available concerning people, animals, many goods and products.
The barcode for instance is nowadays in many cases no longer sufficiently flexible. It is particularly cheap to produce, but one problem is its restricted information storage capabilities and the fact that it can not be reprogrammed.

A much more flexible option is to transmit data using contactless technology from the data medium to a reading device. Such media (e.g. contactless smart cards, tags or labels) are based on transponders. These are high performance code memories, which take up an extremely small space, are completely maintenance free and have a high service life.
The data media do not require any contact between the chip and the reading device or computer. The data which is stored on the chip or the PC is transmitted in the form of electromagnetic waves, which can be either low frequency (125 Hz) high frequency at 13.56 MHz, UHF with 868 MHz and 2.45 GHz.

 Products from the contactless sector comprise wafers, modules, inlays on the chip side. At the other side there are long and short range antennas, reader/writer modules, production and test units, smart cards, tags, smart labels, key rings, watches and coins as well as the associated data base systems.

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