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MEMOR 2000 for Tag-it and I-Code Transponders

The Memor2000RFID hand-held terminal reads and writes to Tag-it (Texas Instruments) and I•Code (Philips Semiconductors) smart labels.

Smart labels employ radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Each printable and flexible label is a transponder with an integrated circuit and an antenna. The label does not require a battery as it receives energy together with information from the Memor2000 read/write module at distances of up to 70 mm.

Smart labels can be programmed with production information such as date and place of manufacture, distribution history and guarantee details, which ensures traceability from production line to point of sale.

Contact Minec if your company is considering the introduction of a smart label identification system. We have the hand-held terminals, software and know-how to set up smoothly running smart label systems.

- Anti-theft systems
- Distribution systems
- Genuine Brand identification

- Inventory control
- Production-line ID
- Warranty systems

MEMOR 2000 Minec Program Generator, MPG
The Minec Program Generator, MPG, is a software tool that enables you to create programs for the Memor2000 which exactly suit your particular needs. No special knowledge is required to do this. If you can handle a PC you can create programs for Memor2000.

LCD supertwist. Four lines with 20 characters per line.
Active viewing area 56.35 mm x 20.75 mm.
Full graphic capability, 120 x 32 pixels.

27 coated rubber keys.
Alpha characters entered by pressing two adjacent keys.

Size and Weight
L: 186 mm H: 27 mm
W: 52 mm (over display), 77 mm (over handle)
Weight 200 grams, including batteries.

Operating temperature
-10C to +45C.

Storage temperature

-20C to +55C.

Shock resistance
Withstands a drop from 1.2 metres on to concrete.

Compliance CE/FCC

Conforms to EN 50 081-1 and EN 50 082-1. FCC Part 15 Class B.


NEC V25 running at 8 MHz.

Operating System


SRAM 256KB - 1 MB containing disk and executing area.
3-year battery back-up on all RAM. Flash 256 KB containing disk and operating system.
The flash memory can be erased and programmed in the system.

Power supply
2 AA/R6 standard alkaline batteries (rechargeable batteries optional).
3 to 4 weeks operation in normal use. Batteries can be replaced in the field without loss of data.
Multi-stage "battery low" warning system.

Internal buzzer, programmable frequency and duration.

Real-time clock with alarm feature.

Built-in IR-link, serial channel COM 1, normally 19,200 BPS for connection to communication cradle.

MiniDIN 8-pin connector (option) COM 2, normally 19,200 BPS for connection to modem, external barcode reading device, printer and PC.
Input RS232 levels. Output 0-5 V CMOS levels.

Factory-installed options
Backlit display, available on all Memor2000 models.
IrDA interface for Memor2000 laser models.
IrDA interface for Memor2000 standard module (without MiniDin connector).

The Memor2000 is developed and manufactured in Sweden.

Minec reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice.

Copyright 1999 Minec Systems

Specifically for Memor2000 RF - in addition to above

433 MHz

Number of channels

Transmission speed
9600 bits per second

230 grams including batteries, 265 grams with laser scanner

Conforms to ETS 300 220 and ETS 300 683

No licence needed.

Base station
Size and Weight
L: 112 mm, H: 35 mm W: 57 mm
Power supply
6-9 V DC, 100mA
RS232: 19200, N, 8, 1 (CTS/RTS)
Electrical outlet:
MiniDin (8-pin) for RS232,
DC connector for power supply
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