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RFID Solutions from EHAG


EHAG supplies total solutions including hardware and software for different standard or customer tailored application.


RFID Library


Many libraries worldwide are using the advantages of RFID labels integrated in books, videos and CD-ROM's or DVD's. EHAG offers a complete solution with hard- and software for this application.

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RFID TAGtiming


The RFID system from TAGnology is one of the most innovative and advanced sport timing systems on the market.

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Event Control


For events like congresses, fairs, concerts, general meetings of shareholders and other large meetings, we can offer this special RFID system.

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The TAGtester is a complete RF measurement system for non-contact characterization of RFID tags.

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If you upgrade older Barcode systems to RFID, this often causes expensive software changes. The TAGcontrol is an interface and protocol converter that changes the data from the RFID reader into different data formats.

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-  Member Cards

RFID used in Member- and VIP Card are excellent application for this advanced technology. With a RFID Card the members can get access into special areas as VIP or first class lounges hurdlefree and without crabbing for the key simply by carrying the modern Smart Card in his pocket. In important cases also biometrical features might be used to increase security up to highest levels.


-  Parcel & post


RFID is being used today in the postal environment to enable improved tracking of items during the sorting and delivery process. RFID does not require line-of-sight for information transfer so it allows postal items to be routed without concerns about item orientation. Multiple items can be read as they pass through the RF field.


-  Baggage tagging


Many airlines have run RFID trials over the past few years to prove the efficacy of the systems in the air transport environment. Tests have shown first-read rates of over 99% with RF tags compared to less than 90% for bar code-only tags.
The additional functionality offered by the re-write function on the IC allows information to be changed at different points in the airline system. This can enable bags to be held for security checking and then released for loading when checked, if the RFID system is linked to the baggage reconciliation systems.
Similarly, RFID is already being used to track passenger progress through airports, reducing the numbers of passengers arriving late at the gate and thereby ensuring that planes leave on time.


-  Garment labels

Incorporating RFID tags into garment labels or even into the garment itself can be a valuable tool for Brand owners. A tag inserted at the garment manufacturing plant can identify the source of the garment. By using the tag's unique identification number, the garment can be certified as authentic, thereby allowing identification and control of counterfeits. Grey market imports can be controlled through use of the source identity. The tags enable inventory visibility throughout the supply chain, reducing shrinkage and out-of-stocks and the EAS function can reduce in-store theft. Finally, where warranty information is needed for after-sales service, the tag can be written to at the POS.


-  Supply chain management


Supermarkets are tagging the Returnable Transit Containers, such as plastic crates used for fresh foods. The RTCs are capital assets so visibility is essential. Tagging of the crates gives total asset visibility and allows better management of the asset pool. The ability to write to the tag also allows information such as the contents of the crate, sell-by date and manufacturer to be added to it. Linking this type of information to the store's inventory management systems can ensure that goods are moved to the shelves in


-  Building Access, Time Registration


Typically this would involve the use of a Plastic card (like the ubiquitous credit card), where the magnetic stripe has been replaced with an RFID transponder that has been buried inside the card. The RFID system is extremely secure and cannot be tampered with, unlike magnetic stripe. Because the system is contactless, there are no moving parts and so reader maintenance is minimal.

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-  Mass transit ticketing


Contactless plastic cards are used today, typically for high value tickets such as annual season tickets. The advantages include minimal maintenance of the readers, and the potential to eliminate the fraudulent use of counterfeit tickets. The lowering cost of RFID transponders now enables the development of disposable contactless tickets which can be used as weekly, weekend or single use tickets


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