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The TAGtester is a complete RF measurement system for non-contact characterization of smart labels («tags»). It consists of a small control unit containing all the electronics, an antenna, and a PC software running under Windows.

Key features of the TAGtest are:

• Virtual spectrum analyzer display
• Frequency Generator mode
• Tracking generator with output level adjustment in dB.
• 0 to 50MHz operating frequency with 1 Hz frequency resolution
• 1 to 4 tracks for reference
• 1 or 2 markers with absolute value and increment (difference) display
• Cursor level and frequency display
• Configuration and data save/recall feature
• PC Serial Port communication
• Configurable video filter for smooth representation of signal plot
• Automatic Q measurement feature

This measurement system is the perfect solution for all tag manufacturers and companies that produce tags in special packages or customers who needs a special quality control of the tags.

To provide the best quality of RFID tags there is no way around this hi-tech system!

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