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Multi Frequency TagAnalyzer RTS100




TagAnalyzer Product Overview and Features

The must for label and tag manufacturers who wants know there production quality

A tool needed for all ISO related productions of LF, HF and UHF transponders

Recommended and field approved

 RTS 100 Product Features and Overview


Electrical test

- Resonant Frequency

- Q factor


Functional Test

- Read test

- Fast read Test

- Write test (option)



Multi Frequency

- LF (125kHz) option

- HF 1- 80 MHz

- UHF 700 - 1300MHz

Multi Protocol

- ISO 15693, I-Code

- ePC Class I, UCODE1.19

- Ready for other protocol

Hardware Interface for online production test


The RTS100 combines a HF / UHF RFID reader and a powerful set of virtual instruments (RF Generator, Spectrum analyser) to provide a complete RFID tester, suitable for both laboratory and production line test of RFID passive tags.

Both UHF and HF frequency ranges are covered, and some of the most widely used protocols are included in the basic package. The unit can be upgraded for other current or future protocols by means of a simple firmware / software upgrade.

The controlling application, running under Windows, includes report generation, datalogging of production tests, test setup and configuration, and graphical display of results

The RTS100 special wideband antenna design allows controllable and repeatable tests at different frequencies. The effect of the measuring antenna on the sample is minimised, so the distance between both elements can be kept to a minimum without affecting the measurment.




Screen Shot 


Tag-Analyzer User Guide for detailled information


Ordering Information

RTS 100 TagAnalyzer


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