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Short Range Products

INSIDE has designed the first low-cost USB PC Reader, compliant with ISO 14443 A/B, 15693 and with capability to communicate with FeliCa™ chips.
With this new product, INSIDE brings further convenience to PC users by enabling PC logon, Internet/Intranet access, home reservations, identity confirmation, personalization, and verification stations.

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The Hand'IT-2G kit allows developers to access INSIDE's contactless technology and enables an easy development of any application requiring further mobility and convenience. Developers will be able to get acquainted with the products compliant with different standards (ISO 14443 A, B, FeliCa™ and 15693) as well as cryptographic security management

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The M210-2G is a low-cost 13.56 MHz contactless coupler compliant with ISO 14443A/B, 15693 communication standards and with capability to communicate with FeliCa™ chips. By operating in a transparent mode, the M210-2G allows communication with any chip compliant with these standards.

With its small size, the M210-2G is the ideal coupler for applications where space is critical such as access control

Thanks to its automatic card detection function and low-power design, batteries last for years and make the M210-2G power efficient

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Like the M210H, the M220H is a multi-standard coupler supporting ISO 14443 A/B and ISO 15693 contactless standards and the ISO 7816 contact interface. The 8051 parallel interfaces has been integrated on M220H coupler

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Long Range Readers

The M300-2G is a high performance 13.56 MHz contactless coupler compliant with ISO 15693 communication standard, specifically designed to provide long communication distance with contactless chips.

Thanks to its digital automatic antenna tuning and verification functions, the M300-2G is easy to install and use.

    The RIDEL 5001 is a multiprotocol reader/writer for long- and mid-range applications. With its unique features the RIDEL 5000 is the only system available which allows door as well as gate and multi-gate configurations

Tags und Transponders PicoTag

PicoTag™ represents INSIDE’s first family of memory chips. It operates at 13.56MHz and is compliant with ISO 15693 communication standard enabling long communication distance. A secure version, PicoTag™ 2KS, is also available.

The PicoTag™ chip is the ideal contactless chip for large volume identification applications like RFID, libraries and source tagging requiring low cost and no security.

The secure version, PicoTag™ 2KS, aims at protecting the data stored onto the chip and is destined for customers who wish to protect their products from counterfeiting, ensure a safe access control or avoid forgery of the transport or ski fares.

What makes PicoTag™ attractive?

  • Long range communication: ISO 15693 communication standard enables long range communication (up to 1.5 m) with object in movement or hands free operation.

  • Security: PicoTag™ state-of-the-art cryptographic authentication prevents from chip memory reading and modification by an unauthorized person and chip cloning or simulation..

  • Fast anti-collision management: enables the reading of more than 50 chips per second for logistic applications requiring for instance fast products inventory.

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PicoPass™ is INSIDE’s new generation of secure multi-application memory chips.

It combines ISO 14443B proximity and ISO 15693 vicinity communication standards to allow a greater communication range and convenience, all on one chip.

An optional PicoPass™/A version enables the chip to communicate using ISO 14443A standard only.

What makes PicoPass™ attractive?

  • Multi-standard: the dual-protocol enables PicoPass™ to be used in many applications where proximity distance (up to 10 cm) is required such as payment or identification and vicinity distance (up to 1.5m with a gate antenna) like tracking or hands free operations. For instance: PicoPass™ enables the cardholder to use the same card for travelling by bus and also for getting access to city facilities such as libraries, sport venues (stadium, swimming-pool).

  • Wide range of chips: 3 different versions of PicoPass™ are available offering several different memory size (2, 16 and 32 kbit) to match customers needs.

  • Memory capacity: PicoPass™ enables to store high amounts of data such as high quality ID photos, biometric templates and data records.

  • Flexible and multi-application chip: PicoPass™ enables the storage of several independent applications of 2 kbit (up to 16) with separate security conditions.

  • Security: PicoPass™ provides state-of-the-art data access protection including cryptographic calculations that enable secure authentication and communication with the coupler. Each PicoPass™ page can be personalized independently as secure or non-secure area.

  • ISO 14443A Option: PicoPass™ can be integrated within applications using Mifare technology

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Contactless application providers have chosen to use microprocessors chips because they have strong requirements in term of performance improvement:

  • Faster transaction time and capability to execute more complex functions

  • Multi-standard communication interface to penetrate any market

  • The same security level as contact smart cards

  • Cost effectiveness to meet contact cards prices

  • Combi interfaces to maintain compatibility with the current applications

  • Capability to run Java efficiently

  • Multi-application capability and get few cards in one

  • Public cryptography to ease key management

Current contactless microprocessors using generic architectures are not able to satisfy these requirements. For that reason INSIDE has developed the world's first 16-bit RISC architecture dedicated to contactless world.

What makes MicroPass™ attractive?

MicroPass is a highly optimised low-power 16-bit RISC microprocessor core that is ideally suited for contact/contactless smartcard applications requiring high performances, security, cost effectiveness and ease of integration.

  • High performances: MicroPass is fast while allowing long range communication distance

  • Security: MicroPass proposes state-of-the-art security offered by contact smart cards, while combining contactless specificities.

  • Cost effectiveness: the microprocessor core is smaller compared to the other 8-bit CISC cores and equivalent programs can be implemented with lower number of instructions

  • Emulation capability: MicroPass can emulate any contactless memory chip on the market including PicoTag and PicoPass alllowing applications evolution towards more complex products.

  • Ease of integration: MicroPass offers the largest range of communication standard enabling proximity and vicinity operations.

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Antenna A200HS

Technical Features

  • Compliance with the M220-2G coupler

  • size: 6*4 cm

  • 50 Ohm

  • Connector MCX

Antenna A200HM

Technical Features

  • Compliance with the M220-2G coupler

  • size: 10*10 cm

  • 50 Ohm

  • Connector MCX

Antenna A200HL

Technical Features

  • Compliance with the M220-2G coupler

  • size: 15*15 cm

  • 50 Ohm

  • Connector MCX

Antenna A300H

Technical Features

  • Compliance with the M300-2G

  • size: 30*40 cm

  • 50 Ohm

  • Connector BNC

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