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3D Long Range Antenna Long Range Antennas for Radio Frequency Identification applications, operating at 13.56MHz with the uniqie feature of automatic self tuning capabilities. The antennas incorporates a TX antenna and a RX antenna in the same module.
It allows the configuration of door (one TX/RX antenna) or gate (two antennas, both TX/RX) systems. (PDF 117kB)

3D Medium Range Antenna 60x60 Long Range, small size antenna for Radio Frequency Identification applications operating at 13.56MHz. The ANTLR5000 incorporates a TX antenna and a RX antenna in the same module, with a box for electronics in the base of the unit. Its small size (60x60 cm) makes it ideal for most industrial applications, where it is easy to integrate in conveyor belts, working tables. (PDF 103kB)


2D Medium range loop antenna Medium Range Antenna for Radio Frequency Identification applications, in the 13.56MHz operating frequency for applications up to 70cm operating range. The ANTMR5000 incorporates a single TX/RX antenna to be used with the RIDEL5000 long range reader/encoder in the single antenna mode. It generates a 2D RF field, the transponder is better activated in some preferred positions. (PDF 94kB)

3D Medium Range Antenna for vehicle identification. It consists of a RFID antenna installed in a vehicle speed bump that is able to read the information from a tag installed in the vehicle bumper


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