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RIDEL 5000
Long Range Reader/Encoder


Operating Range:

up to 1.5 m depending on Antenna 


RIDEL 5000 I-Code

RIDEL 5001 Multi-Protocol   


World smallest and most advanced reader/encoder for 13.56MHz




Unique Automatic Self-Calibration Feature

RIDEL Control:

Unrivaled Demo Software for total control


  Product Overview

 RIDEL 5000

Radio-Frequency Identification module (RFID) for contactless reading and encoding of labels or cards with ISO 14449 and ISO 15693-Protocol I-CODE, Tag-it, PicoTac, Mifare etc. 


Compact size, smallest 8W Reader/Encoder available.

Anti-theft (EAS) bit activation/deactivation.

4-channel I/O port.

CEPT and FCC approved

Long range reading/encoding with the anticollision feature a large number of tags or labels can be treated simultaneously, reading and/or encoding one, several or every label in the working field. 

ASCII simple communication protocol for point-to-point communications or MDTEL protocol with access codes for RS485 applications.

RS232 or RS485 communication up to 115200 baud.

All operational functions of the unit are controlled by an internal microprocessor. Fully automatic adjustment and calibration functions performed by microprocessor. Software updates via the serial interface or remote service trough the intranet.

Wysiwyg calibration with fine tuning for critical environment.


Product Features

13.56MHz operating frequency. contactless RF technology


13.56MHz Protocol. Easy control procedures for reading or encoding of any part of a RFID tag.


Automatic trigger for multigate-applications


Output power software adjustable 0 - 8 Watt


RS 232 and/or RS485 communication port


Serial communication software (see the unrivaled RIDEL demo program features [PDF 880kB]).


Selectable communication baud rate from 9600 up to 115200kBaud.


4 channel I/O port 4 opto coupled inputs and 4 open drain output


Single 24 VDC power supply input


2 Amp power consumption @ 8 Watt RF output


-10 a +55șC environment working temperature


Programmable self-calibrating system for unattended continous applications. Parameters stored in internal EPROM.


Contactless RF working technology with anti-collision protocol for multiple tag applications.


Measurement of incident power, reflected power, VSWR, temperature, impedance, sensivity, E.A.S. level, noise and disturbing transmitters. 


Software adjustment of RF output power, modulation index, IF gain, and input filter.


Direct application for system integrators with RS232/RS485 communication interface


Easy handling by any PC-WINDOWS application or any other platform.


Firmware updates via serial port 


Single antenne, door-configuration or dual antenna gate applications 


Temperature controlled fan


Small size 120x120x38mm


Ordering Information

RIDEL 5000 = Reader/Writer for I-Code

RIDEL 5001 = Multi-Protocol Reader/Writer for ISO 15693 tags

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