13.56MHz TAG-Tester



Tag-Tester Product Overview and Features

The must for label and tag manufacturers who wants know there production quality

A tool needed for all ISO related productions of 13.56MHz transponders

Recommended from the most important manufacturer of I-Code chips and wafers


 RFTST 1000 Product Features and Overview

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Measurement and evaluation system designed to make RF tests and measures on RFID transponders without phisical contact. The Kit is composed of a RFTST1000 analyzer, a TAGAN1000 antenna, and a PC software under WINDOWS 95 or 98, of virtual instrumentation type to graphically represent the measures.

The test system incorporates a synthesized generator with 1Hz resolution in the 20KHz to 50MHz range and 3 analog RF inputs with logarithmic amplifiers with 85dB dynamic range. The RFTST1000 system makes it possible to qualify a transponder, measuring its tuning charactersistics, and the effects on this parameter of the RF level with variable field strength. 

The software graphically presents the received information in a spectrum analyzer format. It is also possible to make automatic or manual measurements, by means of a set of markers. The Q and resonant frequency of the transponder is automatically measured.


Tagan 1000 Antenna-Adapter Features

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The TAGAN1000 Adapter, includes a couple of TX and RX antennas needed to induce the RF

The RFTST1000 is connected to a computer via its serial port.

The software includes some functions, like the storing of the configuration parameters to disk, cursors and markers on screen, peak search and much more features 


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Tag-Tester Manual (PDF 970kB) for detailled information


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RFTST 1000 = TAG-Tester


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