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Label and Tag IC Product Selection Summary

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Available tag and label forms



Philips, I-Code, ISO15693, ISO14223 overview (PDF 281kB)

- I-Code 1 (PDF 368kB) 13.56MHz, 512bit

- I-Code HC (PDF 366kB) 13.56MHz, 512bit

- I-Code SLI (PDF 71kB) 13.56MHz, 1024bit

- I-Code HSL (PDF 50kB) 2.54GHz, 2048bit

- Hitag 1 (PDF 178kB) 125kHz, 2048bit

- Hitag 2 (PDF 86kB) 125kHz, 256bit


Philips Mifare ISO14443 overview (PDF 261kB)

- mifare Ultralight (PDF180kB), 12.56MHz, 512bit

- mifare Std 1k (PDF 74kB), 13.56MHz, 1024Byte

- mifare  Std 4k (PDF 177kB) 13.56MHz, 4096byte


Infineon my-d Product family, ISO14443 proximity, ISO15693 vincinity overview PDF 204kB)

- my-d Product Briefing (339kB)

- my-d (PDF 159kB) ISO15693, 2.5kbit, plain

- my-d PDF 164kB) IS015695, 2.5kbit, secure

- my-d (PDF 159kB) ISO15693, 10kbit, plain

- my-d (PDF 164kB) ISO15693, 10kbit, secure

- my-d (PDF 497kB) ISO14443, 20kbit, secure

 Inside PicoTag


- Legic256, 13.56MHz, 2048bit, read/write



- H4100, 125kHz, 64bit, read only

- P4096, 125kHz, 128bit, read/write

- P4150, 125kHz, 1kbit, read/write



- MCRF200, 125kHz, 128bit, OTP, read only



- AT88RF001, 13.56MHz, 256bit RFID interface chip for large, two chip tags, dual port

- AT88RF256-13, 13.56MHz, 320bit read/write

- AT88RF256-12, 125kHz, 320bit, read/write

- AT24RF08C, 125kHz, 8kbir, read/write, dual port

- AT88RF020, 13.56MHz, 2048kbit read/write, ISO14443

- AT90SC0802R, 13.56MHz, 2048bit, dual port, contact and contactless, AVR, microprocessor

- e5530, 125kHz, 128bit, read only,

- TK5530, 125kHz, 128kbit, Read only

- e5551, 125kHz, 224bit, read/write, multi-tag access by AOR

- TK5551, as e5551

- T5551-PAE, 125kHz, read/write micromodule, function as 5551

- TK5552, 125kHz, 1kbit, raed/write, configurable Manchester, RF/16, RF/32, POR delay

- T5552-PAE, 125kHz, 1kbit, raed/write, micromodule, Manchester, RF/16, RF/32, POR delay

- T5554 125kHz, 224bit, read/write, on chip capacitor, compatible to E5551

- E5561, 125kHz, 128bit, read/write, autentication, copy protection

Other chips and tags on request.
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