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EK-1000 Evaluation and Starter Kits


EHAG offer different SmTAG Evaluation Kits. According to the need Evaluation Kits for identification, temperature or movement measuring are available. The Kits can be used instantly without being a pro and first demo application can be written in hours.


• 2 pcs Transmitter TM2200

• 2 pcs Transmitter TM4200

• 1 pcs Transmitter TM4300

• 1 pcs Transmitter TM4310

• 5 pcs Transmitter TM4300

• 1 pcs Controller RC5501

• Demo software EK-1000

• OCX/DLL for Microsoft Windows©

• 1 pcs AC/DC Adapter

• 2 pcs CR2032 Batteries

• 2 pcs AAA Batteries

other Evaluation Kits available upon request


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