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Plugit Security-TAG
 Theft of a computer system is not difficult and can be accomplished easily enough even with proper security measures in place. EHAG introduces the <smtag> range of PLUGIT™ SystemX products, designed to monitor and alarm unauthorized movement of networked computers, printers and other peripherals. From in-house security monitoring to IT carrier independent SMS, PLUGIT™ SystemX informs a system or a person about an unauthorized tamper in real time. What makes the system highly competitive is the short reaction time, the IT independent communication channel and the lithium battery powered PLUGIT™ SystemX. 


The PLUGIT™SystemX includes one FSKC1 up to FSK-C6 controller and one to many Nodes FSK-P45.


FSK-CX is an UHF based controller working at either 868 MHz or 915 MHz. FSK-C1 communicates via RS232, FSK-C2 via UBS2, FSK-C3 via Ethernet, FSK-C4 via Bluetooth, FSK-C5 via WLAN and FSKC5 via GSM. The unique communication interface of the FSK-CX makes an integration into existing IT and communication environments easy and convenient.


FSK-P45 is an Ethernet based product plugged into the corporate network between the hub and the device. For the duration of its life, FSK-P45 transmits an UHF Radio Frequency (RF) signal at a preset time interval to the controller. As long as the controller gets the periodical signal no device has been unplugged from the system.

If an unauthorized tamper or cable cut happens, the node reacts in milliseconds and sends its identity and an alarm signal via RF to the controller. Even a complete system power failure or IT network breakdown does not affect the monitoring and reporting of PLUGIT™ SystemX.



2000 tag simultaneous

Provides high-speed data collection to facilitate warehousing and inventory-based applications

100 tag/sec. identification rate

Provides reliable identification of fast moving objects

UHF operating frequencies

Operates interchangeable on standard European ISM band frequencies

Multi-tag compatibility

Provides communication for

A unique communication interface

This unique feature of the FSK-Controller family makes it easy to build a controller network and to integrate it into almost any existing infrastructure

Internal Buzzer

The internal buzzer allows early, security network independent onsite alarming

Real-Time operating system

Meets industrial requirements for reliability and robustness


High security system with use of sha-256 algorithm & frequency



Specification FSK-P45™




FSK-Tx, FSK-Sx and FSK-Gx family

EHAG-ActiveTAG is a global supplier of innovative RFID Technology in the UHF band.
With its unique system approach EHAG-ActiveTAG provides an easy to implement set of products which reduces the time for Implementation dramatically.
System integrators of industrial, medical and corporate solutions gets high quality products which offers a max. return on investment.
FSK-C product line increase efficiency and quality To learn more about how the FSK-C product family can increase profitability for business, contact one us or one of business partner.





Read range (adjustable)

Up to 100 m

Read rate – ID only

Up to 2000 @ 9.6 KBaud

Read rate – 128 Bit data

Up to 50’000 @ 256 KBaud

Multiple tag handling

Up to 2000 tags in the read zone

Max. response time

6.5ms (from standby mode)






433 MHz, 868 MHz (EC) or 915MHz (NA), ISM Band

Field strength

-21 to 0 dBm

Typical Impedance




Bandwith, digitally adjustable

Up to 400 KHz


8 or 16 bit CRC

 Partner Network

Data rate (download)

2.4 to 256KBits/s


Number of antennas


Maximum transmission power

0 dBm

Sensivity, digitally adjustable

-61 to -103 dBm/low sens.


EN 300 220 (EC); FCC part 15 (US)





Flash memory

1792 Bytes

Data RAM

64 Bytes


128 Bytes


Real Time Clock (RTC) with battery backup





Input power

Exchengable batteries 2 x 1.5V AAA

Power consumption

14 mA max


2.2 –5.4Volt

Battery Lifetime

Typically 3 years (with Battery low warning up to 6 month in advance)





Operating temperature

- 40º C to + 85º C

Storage temperature

- 40º C to + 85º C



5% to 90% (non condensing)









70 x 45 x 35 mm



60 gramm




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