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Ultra Long Range RFID

Wireless control and wireless security that works

There are many standards and technologies for wireless data transmission and communication for medium and high transmission rates. Also today the trend for higher data rates is unbroken. This is fine for applications that need such data rates. What was missing so far are systems with the focus on the specific needs of the sensor technology and for industrial controls and monitoring. Scenarios have shown that such systems do not need high bandwidth but low power consumption an extended battery life and a high availability.

Many wireless system on the market today are expensive, too expensively for a broad number applications.

The  active RFID system from smtag international closes this gap and offers the needed functionality and availability at favorable price.


The TM series are active tags working in the license-free 868-MHz or 916-MHz band. The tags are provided with internal lithium battery, with an expected life cycle between 3 to 5 years depending upon battery type and transmitting state. During the transponder life span the transponder transmits a signal in a default interval.

Depending upon application the tags can be combined with auxiliary modules with specific functionality such as temperature sensors, GPS modules, GSM modules, vibration sensor etc.























TMxxxx Active Tag

The Smtag TM and RC system components are an intelligent, „Radio Frequency“ based System. It consists of the TM-Tag, a battery powered transmitter and a small and mobile controller and reader FSK-C™.

The active tags starts with the size of an Euro coin and a reading distance of 10 to 20 meters and ends with a tag size of a half post card with a reading range of up to 500 meters.

Each TM-Tag™ has a microcontroller and non-volatile memory on board and controls a bidirectional communication unit with up to 4096 transmitter and receiver channels. With these unique features the RC/TM series is suitable for many applications.



For the reason to keep the battery life of the TMxxxx™ for years the tag is in a stand-by or sleeping mode when he is not in use. In the stand-by mode the Tag is quite and did not send a signal but he is always in the receiving mode, listening for a wake up signal from a controller RCxxxx. The controller sends periodically a signal for checking if a TM active tag is in his environment. As soon as a TM tag is in the zone of the RC controller the Tag will be waked up. The RC sends his identity to the TM and tells his function. Such functions can be in applications as access control, object identification, temperatur control, smoke sensor, anti-theft control, parking, logistics, road pricing and many many others. The TM tag validates if he is programmed for this application.

If he does, the he sends its identification number (UID) to the controller. The controller RC examines the validity of the UID and forwards the request to a superordinate system, in most cases a PC. Depending upon application it might be necessary to confirm an action, e.g. to switch of a device or the purchase of goods. This confirmation can be done by pressing a switch on the TMxxxx.


Features of the TMxxxx™

The life span of a TM tag is individual and determined by many factors caused by the application. The TM tag has an internal battery control circuit that does inform the owner either at the place of work or via SMS when the battery voltage is dropping below a certain level.

Depending on environment and settings the radius of a TM is between 0.3 and 500 meters.

The TM tag is fully programmable for up to 256 applications and includes secure encryption.

The TM tag is available with different housings and sizes.

Customer designed outlines are feasible upon request.






Security and Anti Theft Tag

TM4270 and TM4370

The anti-theft dongle for personal computers and laptop computers with unique features.

Simply pluging a TM4370 into the RJ45 connector of a personal computer or the TM4270 into an USB connector of a laptop and your expensive device is protected. Unpluging the connector or moving out of the controller area initiates an alarm and depending on application also the ddors can be automatically closed.

Other anti theft devices with shock or magnet sensors are also available.



Reader Writers

Features of the RC5xxx™ (Controller)

The basic version of the TM™ Controller is equipped with an USB 2.0 interface.

The controller is also available with following interfaces and features:
- RS232

- Ethernet

- Bluetooth



and with an Accu Powerpack


The TM Transponder is programmed by default.
Up to 16 different configurations can be selected by an internal DIP-switch.



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